Hotel Hope Ministries Celebrating 10 Years

Incorporates a family style Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) as well as a registered foster home with a total capacity for 24 children. Advocating for adoption and encouraging more South African families to adopt.

Hotel Hope Ministries is for families, we want every child to know the love and security of being part of a family. Ideally we aim for orphaned and abandoned children to be placed in their adoptive forever families as soon as possible and so we work with social workers and child protection agencies to make this possible where we can. However, it is a process that takes time and sadly there are many more children seeking adoptive families than willing families and so in the interim we raise them as our own in family style homes. We do not want children to feel like a number in an institution, but rather a special little person in our loving family.

Our Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) is comprised of two warm, semi-detached houses in Melville which are next door to each other. Each is a 3 bedroom house, and both were lovingly painted, furnished and decorated by many volunteers. They feel just like a regular family homes with a lounge scattered with toys, a lovely garden with swings and jungle gym and a dining room where our families can eat together. Our CYCC became operational in January 2011 after a demanding period of preparing the house, inspections and approval from City Council and Department of Health, finding the right staff and ensuring full compliance by registering our organisation with all the necessary government departments.

On Mandela Day, 18 July 2019 we opened our 3rd home, a foster home in Westdene for up to 6 children. The vision is that those children who will stay with us long-term or might not be adoptable at all will find a stable home here, away from the more transitional nature of our CYCC in Melville.

We have also established a Montessori pre-school stream exclusively for the children in our Care at the Westdene home. We have hired a fully certified Montessori Pre-school teacher to give our kids the best possible Early Childhood Development (ECD) and to help them get school-ready.

Our careworkers are incredible people who love and care for our children and ensure that the kids get the loving attention they deserve. Staffing, house cleanliness, the children's health, nutrition and education is overseen by our operations team and onsite social worker.


Providing young mothers facing unplanned pregnancies with counselling, guidance and practical support.

Our experience has taught us that more often than not the mothers want to keep their children but do not have the adequate support or guidance; as a result they opt for giving up their children. We believe that by assisting the mothers, we are able to in some cases prevent them from giving up their children. Our interventions range from providing professional counselling, assistance with applying for identity documents, food parcels, clothes, nappies for their children, career guidance, CV compilation, job/learnership application as well as life skills. We also provide advice on caring for their children and encourage them to be the best parents they can be.


All of our social enterprise activities perform a dual role of generating income for the organisation, but importantly, also uplift the community in a meaningful way - in the form of skills development and job creation. We currently run three charity shops in Melville as well as partner with a wood workshop in Henley.

Fight unemployment and poverty and find some amazing items at real bargain prices at the same time.

Hotel Hope Interiors - 7th Street & 1st Ave, Melville, Johannesburg.

"The finest charity store in town". Selling high quality preloved orginals at bargain prices. The best place to make a real ‘find’. Silverware, artwork, glassware, porcelain, candle sticks, furniture and occasionally antique cameras, musical instruments and other unique and beautiful items.

Republic of Hope Charity shop - Cnr Main Road & 2nd Ave, Melville

Kit out your home with some great deals. Selling a great selection of secondhand household items and electronics, small furniture items, linen and curtains.

Hope Charity Shop- Cnr 2nd Ave & Main Road, Melville

Bargain bonanza! Clothing, shoes, books and magazines, household items and all sorts of other odds and ends.

Visa and Mastercard cards accepted.

Our charity shops have established themselves as a community project in their own right. We have been able to create 8 full-time jobs, enabling previously unemployed people to be financially independent.

Many informal traders purchase items at a reduced rate from Hope Charity shop to resell at a profit and we are thrilled to support their small business initiatives. Members of the community coming from low income groups are able to afford high-quality items at low prices, as the majority of items have been donated by corporates, individuals, churches and the like.

Through the charity shops HHM can fund 100% of the administrative costs (includes office expenses, admin staff salaries, etc.) of the ministry, thereby ensuring that all donations received directly benefit the Babies and need and Mothers in crisis.

Donating your quality second hand items to be sold in our shops is therefore a Win-Win-Win. Now there is an incentive to declutter your homes.